Brand Mark & Logotype for The Leela

Custom lettering: ITF lettered a new brand mark for Landor’s luxury client, The Leela

The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts is an Indian luxury hotel group founded in 1987 by C. P. Krishnan Nair and owned by The Leela Group business conglomerate. They currently operates nine Palace, Hotel, and Resort locations across India, with four more opening in additional cities soon. The Leela is a client of Landor Associates, Paris, who in turn are part of the the worldwide Landor Associates branding agency network. Working together with Landor, ITF drew a custom lettering solution for the Leela’s brand mark and logotype, which was part of a comprehensive rebranding effort.

To set the name of your brand apart, it is rarely enough to simply rely on letters from a pre-existing font available to everyone. Despite the number of fonts in use by designers and branding agencies, it can still be difficult to find one with the exact letterforms your message requires. Custom lettering can create a mark as unique as your brand. Custom lettering even offers some technical benefits, too: as an image, rather than live text, a logo or a graphic mark will always appear as desired. It won’t ever be replaced in print or online by a system’s fall-back font.

Leela Illustrations 01

Providers of design solutions like ITF can ensure that a brand’s mark and corporate typefaces match one another. As providers of both the Leela’s logo and their brand typefaces, we were able to ensure that nothing in our mark would jar with their fonts. ITF delivered two versions of the Leela logo to Landor: an in-line version (the main mark) and a solid variant to be used in small sizes and material applications. The Leela now uses our mark and logotype on all their collateral. ITF’s Kohinoor superfamily is The Leela’s corporate typeface.

Leela Illustrations 02

The Leela’s brand mark employs a large capital ‘L’, which we drew in an ornamented script style with visible stroke contrast and calligraphic flourishes. Placed below the ‘L’, the wordmark for ‘The Leela’ is drawn in formal, serif capitals. The style of these are reminiscent of the stately, decorative forms common in engraved lettering. Kohinoor, one of ITF’s most-popular sans serif families, offers a good contrast to the Leela’s logo marks. The clear difference between the Leela’s customised lettering and the Kohinoor typeface makes the lettering appear to be even more elegant.

We at ITF were pleased to assist Landor Associates’s Paris office with another rebranding project. ITF previously worked with Landor to create the Devanagari logotype for Starbucks. If you are an advertising, branding, or design agency in India or abroad in search of custom lettering solutions, please contact us for more information.