Devanagari Logotype for Starbucks

Logo localisation: Landor Associates commissions ITF to develop the Devanagari logotype for Starbucks

Starbucks is known around the world for its coffee, as well as its other beverages, food, and café atmosphere. The company recently began operating in India, where it is part of the Tata Alliance. The Paris office of the global Landor Associates branding network worked with Starbucks for their Indian debut. All English-language businesses in India are also branded in the vernacular languages of the regions in which they operate. Working together with Landor, ITF drew a Devanagari logotype for Starbucks that matched their iconic Latin-script logotype (which itself features custom lettering, rather than letters from an off-the-shelf font).

Praj Illustrations

As is visible in the images that accompany this brief case study, ITF provided Landor and Starbucks with two different logotypes for the brand. The first is a transliteration of the word ‘Starbucks’ into Devanagari. The second logotype, longer in form, is a transliteration of ‘Starbucks Coffee’ to go along with mentions of their Tata Alliance ties. In our lettering, ITF fine-tooled the terminals and linking elements within consonant-clusters (conjuncts) so that they would match the forms present in the Latin-script letters of the global brand logotype. The height of the Devanagari letters has been selected to match the visual weight of the Latin letters, too.

Every time you place an order at an Indian Starbucks location, we hope you’ll take a moment to study the brand’s Devanagari lettering. We are pleased to have assisted the Landor Associates Paris office with this rebranding project. ITF also worked with Landor on the rebranding of The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts. If you are an advertising, branding, or design agency in India or abroad in search of custom lettering solutions, please contact us for more information.