Koyla Devanagari is a single-weight display typeface whose letterforms are both high-contrast and reverse-contrasted. In terms of the details of the design, characters feel quite brushy, even though most terminals end in vertical shears. All dots are elongated, with flattened tops & bottoms and rounded sides. Knots and loops are open, which increases the number of visible counterforms. The matras and ukars are not so small, relatively speaking, for a display face. Not all horizontal strokes are thick; some elements connecting the left and right-hand sides of characters are thin, like Koyla Deavanagari’s vertical strokes. Diagonals are also normally drawn thin, too, especially if they represent the r consonant in a conjunct, or the below-the-base rakar form.

Family Name Koyla Devanagari
Designer(s) Ninad Kale
Release Date April 8, 2015
Available Style Regular
Classification Sans, Display
Supported Languages Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit

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