Pancho Devanagari is a very informal sans serif family, bringing some comic relief to our library. The family includes five styles, and each font has 750 glyphs. Designed by Lipi Raval, it matches our Pancho Latin family, from Shiva Nallaperumal. Like Pancho Latin, Pancho Devanagari pays some tribute to the work of Roger Excoffon; there is a lot of top-heaviness of many of Pancho’s characters. Many characters are extremely simplified, and have forms that seem inspired by everyday handwriting. Pancho Devanagari has rather short matras and ukars in comparison with its base characters’ height.

Family Name Pancho Devanagari
Designer(s) Lipi Raval
Release Date April 8, 2015
Available Style Light, Regular, Medium, Semibold, Bold
Classification Sans, Display
Supported Languages Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit

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