Akhand Soft & Graphico

A rounded counterpart to our popular Akhand family and a new display family with wide proportions

This month, the Indian Type Foundry is pleased to publish two new sans serif families for the Latin script. The first, Akhand Soft, is an extension to our popular Akhand series. Graphico, on the other hand, is a totally new design. Both families are display faces. Akhand Soft has the additional benefit of being usable sparingly in running text, while Graphico is a great choice for headlines. These could be headlines set online, embedded in an app, or put into traditional print. In terms of areas for best application, Akhand Soft is fine-tooled for use in corporate identity design, editorial design, and even signage systems. 


Graphico 01

Graphico would even look great printed or etched into physical products. While Graphico’s design is quite extended, Akhand Soft’s letterforms are condensed. Although the two typefaces don’t look much alike, they share much in common. Both are drawn in mono-linear styles, and many of Akhand Soft’s letters are straight-sided (as are virtually all of Graphico’s).

Graphico 03

Graphico’s appearance is very wide. Its letterforms are industrial-looking; this feeling is enhanced by its characters’ square-sides. The typeface looks like the product of precision mechanics. It should be featured together with tech – either old tech like appliances or watches, or new tech like apps and laptop stands. The Graphico family offers six styles, ranging in weight from light to black. The black is really nice and chunky, and can easily be used as a stand-alone design. Each Graphico font includes 386 glyphs, and in terms of proportion, the Graphico design features short ascenders. While the descenders are not actually very long either, they look as if they might be – an interesting optical illusion. The fonts’ numerals are proportional lining figures.

Akhand Soft

Graphico 02

All of the corners of Akhand Soft’s characters have been rounded. This makes Akhand Soft a much more friendly and informal variant to the Akhand Latin family. Despite its having straight sides, not every aspect of Akhand Soft’s design is constructed. The curves in its modules, for instance, have all been optically corrected, removing the mechanical nature that could otherwise become too dominant. Akhand Soft’s modularity extends beyond the formal level, too: its design is systematic – not just regarding the number of languages and writing systems it supports, but also concerning the family’s weight compliments. Akhand Soft’s broad range of weights – eight weights, to be exact – makes combinations with a strong degree of contrast possible; the lightest and the heaviest styles may be mixed together to create powerful effects in your designs. Each font in the the family includes 390 glyphs.

Graphico 04

Akhand Soft is part of ITF’s Akhand super family, a series of compact monolinear fonts that currently supporting the Bengali, Devanagari, Latin, Malayalam and Tamil scripts. While the shapes used in each of the Akhand subfamilies are script-specific, they all share a similar dynamic. Elements that are typically full and sweeping have been made compact, and their verticals have been flattened. This ‘straightening out’ gives text set in the typefaces a streamlined look. The Akhand typefaces’ modular forms bear a strong commonality to each other, without strings of characters becoming repetitive in text. 

Like Akhand Latin, Akhand Soft was designed by Satya Rajpurohit in Ahmedabad. Graphico is a collaborative work created by a trio of Paris-based designers: Alisa Nowak, Julie Soudanne, and Jean-Baptiste Morizot.