Welcome to our New Website!

After almost a year in development, we are proud to present our new website.

ITF has been in business for almost 7 years. In that time we have published large and small type families in both Indian and Latin scripts for the retail market and have provided typographic solutions to some of the world’s most iconic brands like Apple, Google, Sony and Samsung. A lot has changed in the type and design industries since we began, here in India and Abroad. In 2009, the typographic landscape of India was limited to low quality legacy fonts and practically no retail market for general licensing of good fonts in Indic languages. ITF’s retail catalogue is now widely used in every script we have offered. ITF has had the pleasure of working with clients small and large, from modest local newspapers to some of the world's largest brands and design firms to create a contemporary standard for indian typography. In the past seven years, we have grown as a company from a small studio to a worldwide team of international designers.

As we were steadily progressing with the time, our website and brand remained unchanged. With the completion of major corporate projects, our next task was to redesign our web presence. The most important task was to provide a smooth experience for our customers worldwide to be able to seamlessly view, test and purchase fonts directly from our own website. It was also time to present to the world some of the corporate work we have done for brands and commissions and also highlight the people behind the work: Our designers. Not only did we redesign the interface but also reworked some of our licensing models. Over the years we have learnt a lot about our users and their font purchasing needs and have contextually modified our model to be most useful to them. Some of these features are outlined below:


New Other CROP2

Searching for fonts: ITF now offers 75 font families (and counting!) in 9 scripts spanning many genres, intended uses and styles. With such a large library, we had to introduce a smooth and seamless way to navigating them and for users to find the perfect typeface for their needs. We have included an interactive search feature which allows one to streamline their searching experience and categorized based on script, style and intended usage. More in-depth searchable tags can be accessed in the top bar as well.

NEW fontpage

Viewing & Comparing Fonts: Every font page comes with our signature banners and a brand new tool bar that allows users to view and test fonts. Each font page allows users to view the weights and styles available as well as see them in action in the layouts section. Users will find that any layout section can have more than the said font to compare in different contexts. The font’s glyphs and text-colour can be compared to another typeface in our library in the new compare fonts section within every font page. We have retained the Glyphs section allowing viewers to see single glyphs in a complete character set as well.

NEW Buy2

Buying Fonts: We have streamlined the buying experience with a simplified visual language and clear heirarchy. Users can choose the number of fonts they want, add the license of their choice, specify number of users/page views and the price calculator displays the price accordingly. Licenses for print, web, Ebook and Apps can be bought directly from our website and we encourage clients seeking corporate and broadcasting licenses contact us directly.

New Pages

NEW Custom

Custom Fonts: ITF has done extensive work for clients across the world from custom lettering and design of all new typefaces to modifications of one of our licensed typefaces for specific needs. Our clients include design firms, newspapers, tech giants and television broadcasters, among others, needing fonts for various mediums. This page has case studies of some of these projects.

Designers Page: This page highlights all of the type designers who’ve helped us build our library. As of our site’s re-launch, we’ve worked together with 31 different designers, from many different parts of the world. We’ve also created a dedicated page for each designer, that includes a list of all ITF typefaces they’ve worked on, as well as information about them with relevant links.

Release notes: We have redesigned and updated our news section. Our previous website also had a ‘News’ page, and all of the articles about new typeface releases – or other noteworthy goings on at ITF which had been posted there – have migrated to our new site. However, we have meticulously refreshed some of this content with new illustrations and explanatory texts, updated relevant links and so on, so that it will better fit with new News items we’ll post going forward.

Trial Licenses

We believe that the new ITF website offers great improvements in terms of font licensing and font testing options. Our fonts are available for Print licensing, as well as for use on the Web, in Mobile Apps, or Ebooks. We also offer Broadcasting licensing options, as well as Corporate Licenses to large clients. We are now providing free trial fonts for the first time, offering them to both professionals and students.

NEW Trial

Professional Trial License: Design professionals can now request access to Free Trial versions of any ITF font. Just enter your basic customer details into the ‘Trial Fonts’ fold-out menu, which part of every ‘Font’ page on the ITF website. Upon receiving your request, the Trial Fonts will immediately be sent to you via e-mail. ITF’s Trial Licenses are valid for 15 days. Customers may use the fonts for any trial purposes, including pitching a project, making mock-ups, or getting client approval. ITF fonts may only be used in commercial projects with a valid commercial license, however.

Educational License: In order to support design education around the world, we’ve decided to offer licenses to our entire library to students for free. Students from all across the globe can request font licenses for any of our typefaces simply by filling out the ‘Trial Fonts’ form, and by sending us a copy of their student ID. We’ll review the information, and once approved, the fonts will be sent via e-mail. ITF’s Educational License is valid throughout a student’s educational career.

Fontstand: Additionally, all of ITF’s Latin and Devanagari fonts are available on the MacOS X Fontstand App. With the app, users can test (for free) or rent individual fonts or whole families on a monthly basis.

Self-hosted Webfonts

Years ago, we introduced ITF Webfonts service where the fonts were served to our clients from our own servers – however, from now on, we'll only offer web Self-hosting service. Those who are already using our Webfonts service shall remain unaffected. 

No more Third Party Fonts

For three years, ITF distributed fonts from other type foundries, in addition to our own work. From now on, we’ve decided to re-focus on only distributing our own products.

Design — Julien Brisson, Plasticbionic · Code — Rémi Becuwe, Dansuncoinsidense · Development — SLONline